Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Leaving Kids in Cars

Peace and Love

I put off the karmic patterns and soul contracts until tommorow so I could talk about an issue that is on my heart . I saw the case of the little boy who is precious and was left on the 18th of June and since then there were dozens of cases all over the country .

It just made me mad and I know that we are earth angels and healers and all that stuff but here is the truth as I see it . This man knew exactly what he was doing he was looking up how to have a childless life on the internet and he was not the first . There were other people who did it before him so called educated people and they are just talking and I am saying to myself we are talking about a whole person here not groceries or a bag of chips this is a human being.

I figured out how to stop it .They should just pull the person aside and say to him or her we are going to leave u in a car for 10 hours and then we will come back and check on you then turn on the car and make sure it is like 110 degrees . People are not crazy they are narcissistic , sociopathic, selfish and evil . Then you have copycat demons who decide they are going to follow in their footsteps.If you punish one then the rest of them will see this is not acceptable . I feel the same way about animal abuse and domestic violence people don't go to work and beat up their boss they beat on people they think are weaker than they are.

Well there is a higher court. If people do not want the child they can take it to Jewish Family Services or a safe house but dont hurt or torture the child . Now if people do not care about their own kids you know they dont care about yours . I pray and plead the blood of Jesus over the soul of the child and all of the ones that do not make the news

Tommorow I will do the regular blog post

Love and Blessings


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