Friday, January 16, 2015

Synchroncity and Excitement

Peace and Love

I woke up excited ! I was led to sample campaigns and other resources that could help me YAY! It is so interesting because when you start growing and changing it is so powerful. Normally in the winter it is a real challenge for me I have never been really fond of the cold lol.

Beliefs are so powerful ! A powerful book that you can read is Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain. I love love her ! Shakti is the feminine power in India . She is a student of Jose Silva and his Ultra Mind Program . I love the workbook also. These are things that I was unconsciously doing.Now a lot of people have visualization classes . The information is ancient from the Maya and Ancient Egypt . \

The key is to really identify what is holding you back. A lot of it for me is environmental . I realize that I can overcome it though and that there are really no limits .One of my associates would laugh at me because I would always say meet me online and say email me because for whatever reason all the people I would attract would be in Los Angeles or Dallas or Atlanta or somewhere else.  Then I realized that whenever I asked God for something no matter where I was he would help me get it . I also had feelings like I would be leaving people behind if I was successful . I realized that if it is possible for one it is possible for all. I felt like I just could not leave . God sent somebody to show up in a dream and say lets go !!! I realize that I was dealing with a strong hold that was being released. I remember telling my friend I wanted to leave and he said don't be silly Karmen Aint nothing better than what we got here LOLOLOLOLOLOL I said WOW !Gotta love it right !!!!Someone told me that this place was Atlantis before . I said it was definitely something.

There are positive aspects . If you focus on the positive aspects they improve and become magnified YAY ! The next few months are going to be awesome. If you eat good food , and have spiritual practices and positive energy you will attract positive experiences. There will be haters but you just say awwwww no you tricks can not kill my vibe - Im Happy and cant nothing bring me down YAY ! I have compassion that you are sad but I am not going to be sad to make you happy .!!

Get Excited ! I find inspiration in the smallest things . I am also working on releasing anything holding me back. I really want some nachos today but I am not going to eat them . Yay I am excited about how my body will look because of my sacrifice YAY

Next week I will talk about increasing energy that is something I am working on

Love and Blessings


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