Sunday, January 11, 2015

Treat Everybody Well YAY

I am so happy !!! I was just thinking of how important it is to treat people well. Some times people come and talk to me and say do you remember me or they want to start a conversation and I listen to them and try to appreciate them. Then I find out they are awesome in some way or we have at least one thing in common. Trust and loyalty are so important and everyone can use a good friend.

I connected with someone recently who is awesome and also connected with awesomeness. I do it often but it feels good everytime. It does not matter if they are unicorn or whatever it is great to figure out how we can support each other YAY !! When people do not treat you well you do not have to cut them you can just love them from a distance .If you send out love over and over you will receive good things in abundance YAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

I need to work on my personal image . I got my daughter a shirt and it said nerdy and cute . It kind of describes both of us . I was listening to a Tony Robbin's coaching video and it was so EPIC ! I was thinking WOW he talked about states which in my mind is the same thing as energy and value proposition and other great stuff . I was so excited I actually need to go back and watch it again to break it all down. I wish that I could share it but it is not a you tube video. I am not going to blog again until next Sunday . I am building up my energy and working through the cold

Love and Infinite Blessings


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