Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Spiritual Wars

Peace and Love

I pray that your day is filled with love and light and blessings .Today I want to share about spiritual warfare and how to use discernment . In the bible Jesus says in John 10 vs 10 that the thief comes to kill , steal , and destroy and but he Messiah came  so that we may have life and have it more abundantly. You may ask yourself what does the thief want to destroy. Divine relationships, your mind , your peace , finances and light .The sad part is that he is alienated from the light of God and in darkness. Sometimes I try to help people if they are lying or doing too much and ask them if what they think they are doing is right .Some people get instantly and have that AHA moment like Oprah says.

It is so funny my grandmother on my father's side would always tell me I know that you will be okay no matter what because you wont let anything disturb you . When something is trying to disturb you it is trying to get your attention or energy . So you have to send light and love . I know it sounds really crazy but hate is really another form of love because otherwise people would be indifferent to you . So if they hate you it means they really think you are awesome they just do not know how to express it . This does  not mean you should allow people to get on your nerves . You can just take five or seven minutes and send light and then focus your energy on what you want. The problem is that we do not think of the consequences of our actions or intentions .My grandmother would tell me thoughts are things . I did not really grasp the concept of what she was saying until she was older . Please pray for EmmanuEL . He is not well. He keeps trying to get my attention and when I go to him and ask him how I can help him he cant tell me . He is threatened by any male that talks to me and I am not sure how I can help him or what his obsession is but I wish him lots of love and blessings. I wont allow him or anybody else to get on my nerves because I just do not feel like it . I feel happy and peaceful and blissful and that is what I desire for all . YAY!

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