Monday, January 5, 2015

Men and Sidechicks

You know I read this post it was so great about sidechicks . She said she gave her time to the wrong man for 9 mths . I was like WOW . It is so weird most of the men I meet be like Hi Are you married ? Do you want to be married ? I love you. You are great . We should be together forever . In my mind I think like WOW forever is such a long time . When you find that energetic match it is like YEEEEEEES and YAYYYYYYYY. To be honest after my husband transitioned I was thinking I could just have a man on Tuesday's and Friday's I know that is a wrong unholy , non consecrated thought but I just felt like I do not really feel like being emotionally involved and then men when they love you a lot they require time and energy and nurturing like children.

It is so weird when people say they are engaged for like 5 years or 8 years In my mind I think WOW I got engaged after 12 months but I think it is all about energy . There really is no shortage of anything . It is okay to be by yourself. If I would have known that I would be stalked for two years I would have just been friends with my twin . I am Free Now YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY  I know that it is all stored in the past life akasha . I couldn't figure it out . I was like if he cares for me why is he trying to kill me and obsessed .I knew it couldn't be anything from this lifetime because I had not done anything to him . Then a friend said he loves you so much you two cannot be seperated . I prayed and the Lord sent somebody to break the spell HalleluYAH !! I apologized for anything I did in the past when he was my brother and I was his sister . I have deep compassion for people . The weird thing is that we look alike in this lifetime . I dont think that he remembers he is supposed to be a healer in this lifetime . Oh well I am just so happy it is like I went to sleep and woke up a new person !!! I actually looked at somebody else and said WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW he is awesome and there was an energetic attraction. I am still alive YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY.I was like where did that come from ? God is wonderful and Awesome and Amazing !!! Forever  It is freezing today I have still have to go run errands

Love and Blessings

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