Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Love , Huna and the Avatar Teachings

Peace and Love

I feel so full of love !!! I love the Huna teachings and the teachings of Dr Emoto of speaking life and love . I was talking to someone and they said in the Avatar teachings they teach a similar concept . I said to myself AWWWWW YAY Love and Onenesss. What if everybody is just like you ? What if we are all one . What if we can just love each other . It is powerful when we can come from a place of non judgement and resistance and just try to understand and love .People think about Jesus in a certain kind of way but really he was out with people feeding them and healing them . Moses had to flee because he killed the man who was persecuting the Hebrew. He told him to leave that man and the man would not stop . Moses said It is a Wrap WOW .

I am a really kind person and I am Strong . It takes a lot of strength to love people sometimes . I mean to really be a peaceful , loving , warrior .It does not mean that you let people treat you any kind of way though . You stand up against injustice every time you see it or experience but you do it with love . YAY . Jesus did not just sit back and not say anything when people were trying to pimp the people in the church he got ticked off . He had human emotions. He had a wife .He was a true revolutionary . A lot of people say they are ride or die but they are not . He is the way , the truth and the life YAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!One time I got something in the mail from a televangelist and God showed me in a vision she was diabolical . I mean really evil and I said WOW . I knew it was something about her when I looked in her eyes .The false light hates the true light because they feel naked and exposed . I realize that we do not have to fight all we have to do is BE LOVE AND LIGHT - Light Transforms and Purifies and Heals When the enemy came to Jesus he just said It is Written and kept it moving .  I Love You

Blessings and Peace


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