Friday, January 9, 2015


I am ascended !!! YAY ! Everything and everyone blesses and prospers me now !!God is truly awesome and amazing !!!Bliss and Peace !!! No weapon formed against me shall prosper the bible says they would form but they don't prosper. I surround myself in the light of the Most High God which no evil can penetrate .People try to play me like I am stupid but they can only play themselves because I AM wide AWAKE LOL.

I was listening to the fundraising call and the woman who was talking to Tim Ferris was saying that college was going to be obsolete . I said WOW . It is so funny how people just believe whatever they are told . It is part of the classical conditioning. I could never really go for it . I went to community college for a minute and then I got accepted to University but I realized it was all just training to make you think in a certain way . It really does not make sense to teach people to go and work for people long term . God gave us all something wonderful . I have had to fight for my soul since I was young. I remember when I would take a test and get a good grade and they would say well we don't know if you passed and then a few days later they call me and say you passed. I realized early on that the enemy is terrified of you and that is why they try to make you feel less than or break your spirit. I know who I am and whose I am so I do not fall for it LOL .God cannot fail so I cannot fail YAYAYAYAY !!

Love and Bliss


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