Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Last nite I was so tired and Harmony wanted me to sing I AM LIGHT . I was so sleepy but I was like what the heck and then I threw in an extra lullaby . I actually felt better after I sung the song like I had more energy like it was a power song .

K so integrating the new energies is like WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOOWOWOWOW.I look back over my life like WOW how was I able to maintain and I realize because I felt really connected to Source .Then I got hit really hard in my soul and I was like Lord Get me outta Here . I just can not do it and then he sent my Nemesis not to kill me but to wake me up so that I could focus . YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAAYAYAYAY!!!

So I saw this lady doing these activations and I was like WOW that is lovely and she said she was in Hawaii and I thought that is nice I should be there and I just put it out my head. Then someone contacted me on facebook and he had this awesome pic and it said you should be here and he was jumping off this cliff and I was like WOW . Then the Chief sent an email about his experience there . Then I was reading my Healing Newsletter there was this woman who said that the Holy Spirit called her there and she paints and draws and she was on the Big Island  and I  said YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! There are jobs there ! I am really not to excited about the Matrix but I will do it if I can go to the beach on the weekend YAYAYAYAY! Then I was reading my book from Russ Whitney and he was talking about his healing experience there and I said WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW.

I always loved the HUNA teachings .It is going to take me a minute to integrate everything. It is so different the upgrades are so powerful !!!!Shakti the Visualization teacher lives in Hawaii and California . Isn't that awesome .It is going to take me a minute to work everything out . I will get a temp job for 6 mths starting next month . Harmony will have completed her 7 years of life YAYAYAYAY!.

It is going to take about 9 mths for everything to be complete.  I am merging completely with my Higher Self It is like Self Transformation for World Transformation. I was talking to the Creator today and then I got the message there are infinite possibilities . I love you . Then I saw someone who was doing real estate there and he didn't live there and I was like okay interesting. It is so funny I was thinking about the man who said Let me know how I can help I knew shit was about to hit the fan here and I just could not bring myself to do a deal .It just felt wrong in my spirit like I know some people are motivated by money and I know we all need money but if something does not feel right I just can not do it . So before I go anywhere I have to release the blocks . I feel like I can do deals in Dallas or Atlanta or California but just not here .I feel responsible for this place though and I know that does not make any sense so I am just letting it go YAYAYAYAYAAY So please send Loving thoughts and Intentions and Prayers as I release this place with Love

Blessings and Peace


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