Thursday, February 12, 2015

Strategy and Surrendering

Peace and Love

I think it is good to have a strategy and step by step plans but sometimes it is just cool to kind of go with the flow and you see that things are turning out greater than you could have expected ! ! It is like one book leads to the next and then the steps get clearer and clearer. I just started writing because I have to and then people show up and people start to say interesting  !!

I AM a Success and I feel grateful !!I stay in my lane most of the time so I do not worry about what other people are doing unless I am sending them love and light . One thing I realized is that  some     people are not happy because they are not free to feel like their authentic selves. I feel like if we can get people in touch with their souls they can feel joy and happiness and love .YAY

It is freezing outside ! Thank God for heat !! I pray that you have an Awesome weekend ! No school Monday for Harmony . YAY !!!

Love and Blessings


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