Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Peace and Love

Peace and Blessings

How are you ? Things are awesome !! I was just on a webinar and it confirmed something with me that I was thinking . K so this lady told me that I was a master teacher and I could help people and I was thinking wow Ok so I have to share with more people.

I notice more people were reading my blog post like a lot more . I realized even people that other people were  using some of the content that was on my blog and not even rephrasing it . So I said WOW these people simply have more visibility and a powerful following.

The other day someone who was an earth angel said sometimes we take a vow of invisibility and that we have to clear that so that we can step into the light and serve all those that we came to serve. I was just thinking everyday if I can serve someone with a kind word or deed that is awesome . If people say that I inspire them that is awesome. I realize that I should still do this but I also have to totally value my creative and artistic gifts YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

I do not think there is a cookie cutter one fits all approach but there are themes that you see when you interact with people . I realize it is the people that you meet who shift your life and change everything !! You have to do the work but they show up and say see me  YAY ! I am you . You are me . I have been so excited I want to blog everyday but I am going to try to limit it to once a week.

Love and Blessings


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