Monday, February 9, 2015

Increased Peace n Energy

Peace and Love

I pray that you are feeling good and setting positive intentions for the week . This week we are staying uplifted and doing what we came here to do and increasing our peace and love .YAY!So let us look at some ways that we can increase our peace .

1. Pray and Meditate more !!! Affirm the word of God and Give thanks for all the many blessings . I am also going to include Praise because the Lord Inhabits the Praises of his people .Harmony is an old soul . She loves the Winans and Anita Baker song Aint no Need to Worry she loves to put it on repeat until she falls asleep. She also loves Stevie Wonder and tons of other songs .

2. Refuse to Engage in Drama , gossiping , backbiting , negative conversations . It is interesting you have women who are drama queens and some men too. Some women fight over men and the man has like 15 girlfriends and 5 boyfriends and he is the community man so he really does not belong to anybody . One time I was talking to someone and she that her husband's best friend was possesisive and she thought he was in love with her husband and I thought she was joking but then she said she thought it was wierd but who was she to stand in the way of love and we laughed for ten minutes lol.If somebody wants you they will let you know you do not have to stalk them or hack their email or facebook accounts . Insecurity is so unattractive .Limit the news also .

3 Surround yourself with things and people that keep you peaceful like Messiah , and music and people and things that raise your energy and keep you feeling good. I had my smoothie this morning Positive affirmations is also good . After you meditate you will notice more when things are trying to zap your energy and you can respond with conscious awareness and love YAYAYAYAY! I pray that this is helpful and you can have WOO SAH moments and bliss all week This song when I listen to it I feel it from my crown chakra to underneath my feet ! It is so powerful

Love and Blessings


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