Monday, February 2, 2015


Peace and Love

I hope that you are feeling awesome . So much is happening like a powerful shift. I thought about my beloved yahshuah and the lepers and it was so interesting. The other 9 that did not come back to heal him were still impacted by his presence . It is the same with us . We have to keep shining light no matter what . I thought about when he was sweating tears of blood because he was in agony but he said not my will but your will. WOWOOWOWOWOWOW Bless Him !!

Another lesson is that we want to give thanks and praise and consistently . It keeps you in a good vibration and helps you remember all the wonderful blessings and miracles that the  Most High has done for you. I love how messiah got in his feelings he wept and he sang and he had deep compassion. Remember he told the samaritan woman she was a dog and she said even the dogs can eat from the Master's table . WOWOWOWOWOW

I pray that we have wisdom and keep our hearts open. I know that we should not throw our pearls before swine . If people acknowledge you that is nice but if they do not it is still okay you can just shake the dust off your feet and keep it moving knowing that you are wanted ,needed , cared for and loved. Sometimes people get hurt and they go crazy and want to lash out and hurt people and that is how wars and murders and sorts of craziness starts. You see it here often . A man is mad because the woman he loves has moved on so he kills her and her children . People become man haters and woman hater and their perception is just off. Yes there are bad people and sociopaths but there are also blessings and miracles and love . In the present moment all is well . You are safe and you are loved. There are all kind of healing options and ways to move resistance. Remember when you were a baby you fell down you got up . Think about Jesus he said Where are the other 9 ? It shows that he had feelings but he kept it moving and fulfilled his purpose. All power belongs to the Most High if you give your power away then others will suffer .You are a Miracle and Needed Now

Blessings and Peace


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