Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How to Pick a Spiritual Mentor or Coach

Peace and Love

No school today because of the snow YAY ! I love you . Today I want to share some tips on picking the right coach or mentor . I might have said this before if I did bare with me lol.

K so you want to find someone who truly wants their students to go further and do better like Jesus , Siddartha Buddha, Lahiri Mahashaya , Paramahansa Yogananda ,and many more this also includes Children and grandmothers they have profound wisdom.

You do not want a teacher that talks about their accolades all the time or that is threatened by others. If you just pay attention you will feel and see and hear everything that you need to know . If you are not sure you can ask for guidance and receive it . YAY !!You can feel if the energy is Pure or not. .Jesus said I am the way and the truth and Gandhi followed him and Martin Luther King followed Gandhi also. Yahshuah / Jesus said all that I do you will do and more . YAY ! Pure Love Heals 333His sheep hear his voice and the voice of a stranger they do not follow ! Not one of his sheep will be missing 333 Elijah performed the first resurrection in the bible ! Bless his soul ! A lot of people take the pure word of God and different master teachers and try to pollute or misconstrue it so I just go to the source and if you are sincere you will be instructed and learn .When I was kid people would try to lie to me about Jesus and I would just look at them like do you think that is right ? You can say a lot of things about a lot of people but please do not tell me a lie about the messiah because he is my true beloved friend .

Love and Blessings


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