Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Snow is Melting YAY

Peace and Love

The snow is melting !!! I am so glad ! I can handle around 30 degrees even 25 but when it gets in the sub zero temperatures it is a wrap for me . WOW ! Last nite I did my meditation prayers and I felt a deep sense of love and inner peace and support this morning .

Spring is coming and I am looking forward to it and Passover . When you experience the Twin and Divine Love it stays with you ! It is deeper than just the physical . It is like the love of Jesus it fills you up inside and you feel the presence and can spread it out .

Everything is shifting. It is like everything is different !!  I am still expanding and it is like clearing programs in this timeline and other timelines .There are beings onworld and offworld who wanted to keep you from ascended but the shift is inevitable. You can see it and you can feel it !

Staying In Love


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