Saturday, February 7, 2015


Peace and Love

I am outside with Harmony and her friend . It feels really nice . The transformation that I have been experiencing is unlike anything that I have ever felt before. It is like Super Intense. This time last year we lost T - Baby and it is so interesting . I do not feel any sadness . I feel joy and love and light and grateful for all of the beautiful memories that we had and the fact that she is helping with the ascension process.

It is like everything becomes magical . It is like being rebirthed . There are other people going through this awakening process . I was talking to someone and they told me that I had already ascended and I was like how do they know but then I realized that they were connected to their soul and higher self. I love putting my feet in the grass and connecting with the earth. I think they call it earthing or grounding now . It feels so awesome !!

I also got clarity about what was so special about the energy of the Big Island in Hawaii. I was listening to the chief and he was talking about how he went there and people go for the energy. I think that is true of a lot of places like you know how certain souls gravitate to certain places like California or Georgia or Florida that is because their soul group is there or there are other divine missions that they have to complete. Last nite I went to sleep and I felt such a deep sense of inner peace and love . I love to hear Harmony laugh when she sleeps it is so precious . So anyway my intention for this week and day and minute is I intend that I/We are staying uplifted and doing what we came here to do YAY and so it is for all of us for the highest good of all concerned .

Bliss and Love and Peace


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