Monday, April 25, 2016


Peace and Love

I hope you had a good weekend !!! I spent time w my angel and we did some art and music !!! It was so funny this morning we woke up and I was singing and she said Mommy you are not the Acapella Princess !!! .

I thought about Prince and how he said that his dad was hard on him about music . It made him excellent . I felt the same way . I remember when I was a kid my father was very talented and he saw talent in me and he put me in piano lessons and it worked for a while until It didn't feel good anymore and I was like stick a fork in me I am done.. I just loved to sing and create I felt like it shouldn't feel like a chore .It has to feel joyful !!! What is awesome and that now artists can create what they want now YAAAY 777

Whats crazy is that I literally was feeling Prince in my spirit like just  before this happened and I told my mom about it .Harmony drew this Mandala and I was like WOW !!!So anyway I was thinking about how Prince wrote Slave on his Face .When I heard the news I just felt a deep sick feeling in the pit of my stomach .Then its ok he is Dancing into the Light 144 !!!

It made me think like Music does so much for People !!! I would love to sing for my family and my friends .I was singing for this lady and she said You are a Healer .It felt weird.So anyway Nikki asked a question and I was like YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Do your remember your first book or your first song ? Yes I was celebrated . I learned you just have to be careful who you deal with . Once people make a deal with the devil they are stuck it is easy to get into stuff but sometimes hard for people to get out .Think and rethink and Think Again !!! YESSSSSS!!! 

This is the Day the Lord has Made ! Let us Rejoice and Be Glad in It 333

Infinite Love , Blessings and Peace


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