Friday, April 15, 2016


Peace and Love !!!

I am so excited !!! I am so glad that I listen to myself WOO HOO !!! I had a vision about working with 12 people in a vision and then I got something in the mail about someone who did this exact same thing WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!

I had a revelation about why I was not fully showing up in my power because I was afraid someone would get hurt . I cant share it all here but It will be in the book so stay tuned !!! Then I thought about my friend in my head Brendon and he sends out good stuff . I think he said it took 18 months to get his book completed but it turned out great. I am not coming out looking crazy so I thought about it I said I really can not lose if I go with a publisher this time and we feel like it is a Win Win.

I already have the next project in my head that I work on in my head !!! Crowdfunding and Sponsorships is still an option. I think I need to have a 7 minute conversation with a publisher . I also thought about the projects that I am looking at and how awesome it is to have a vision for something and seeing the thing being birthed and come into fruition. The people that you are inspired by are also being Inspired by YOU . We are one . Someone is always watching !!!I got this thing in my head I don't want to owe anybody anything but love . So that is why I was thinking about the crowdfunding and presell option .

I love you !!! Thankyou 333

Have a Blessed Weekend


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