Friday, April 8, 2016

Power and Determination

Peace and Love

I had a great experience yesterday.This girl I didn't know asked me if I wanted to be her partner. We had different ideas and she had great energy !!!!At first I wasn't going to go to the event . I am glad that I did because it was meant for me to be there . I also met someone else who had a different business.

I thought about what makes us successful and it is really the ability to keep rising up over and over and over again . All my life I have had challenges . We all do right ? It is how we handle them that matters. I would be at the library and they would try to block access to the free books or block access to free replay information or free information they sent out. I realize it is just fear.Sometimes it would even be a paid course. I say it was just the Creator's way of protecting me and showing me peoples hearts and spirits .I just send love .I would take a test at work or a typist test and do a great job and I would see the looks and feel the energy .Today I receive lots of great information and I am part of lots of great groups .

I decided that I AM Powerful and Awesome and I am going to OWN myself and my power .Whoever doesn't like it so sad too bad . Remember Carlton Sheets ? He was the first person's course I got . I loved him .He said at first he got mad at Muhammed Ali because he would say that he was the greatest . Then he said he realized that he was right !!!The word of God says that I AM fearfully and wonderfully made it is up to me whether I believe it or not . I have studied for over 20 years . If you study the word by itself even without the lost books you will find light ,truth and peace .It says in Psalm 82 vs 6 New International Version
"I said, 'You are "gods"; you are all sons of the Most High.'and daughters YAY 

Have a Blessed Weekend!!!

Love and Light 


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