Thursday, April 14, 2016

Saying YES !!!

Peace and Love

WOW !!! How are you feeling ??? I feel so awesome and Grateful and Amazing !!!!I did an energetic upgrade and it was POWERFUL !!!I am so grateful for the guides and angels and Authentic Leaders who show up and get results for themselves and others !!!!

Literally everything has shifted for me .I feel so full !!!Someone asked me how they can support me today and I didnt even know what to say I am like Lord let me find something . It is good to give and it is also good to receive gracefully YAAAAAAY!!!!I am going to need a lot of support for my  launch and I am open to receiving WOO HOO !! It is going to be awesome and you will be able to connect w me and other unicorns in our facebook group .I want to share something about networking . Its funny because I just saw it and it was confirmation for me to share . Networking is not adding somebody on facebook and saying buy my book or product . One girl did that I did buy her book she was so excited . I said Lord bless her she doesn't know any better .We talked and she blessed me and I didnt ask her to she said I love blessing those who bless me . I was taught you give first. You can start by buying someones book or just letting them know they genuinely inspire you and try to create a win win. Then over time people will say How can I support you ? Some people will not . I was thinking that when one person who gives and serves and she was doing her campaign I was like cmon yall now we can all give 10-13 bucks and she can reach her goal.Someone emailed me and asked me to coach for free I laughed and did not even respond. I will do that for my peeps on my terms when I feel it is necessary and feels good to me . It's funny people will ask you for help with no intention on ever helping you or giving you anything and their intention is to use you but you can just say NO. Its just like when I hear people refer to their worker as the filipino or the indian Im like can we give people some dignity and call them by their name .Some people truly don't know any better so we just have to speak the truth in love. Some do they just want to see if you are sally salala head so u just say I cant go for that no can do .

There will be times when you give to people who can not repay you for example in a volunteer situation or when you just feel led by the Holy Spirit .
JeremiYAH 32 vs 27
Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me?

Celebrate the Good Things Happening now and the Good Things to Come 333 777 11 11

Love and Blessings


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