Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bootleg or Not LOLOLOLOL

Peace and Love

I hope you are in great spirits !!! I felt another release last nite I was like YAAAAAAY!!! I was thinking when Murphy Lee came out with this song and he said buy it boot leg do whatever you gotta do but get it. In my head there was psychology behind that . I remember Prince saying when people think something is free they usually dont see it very valuable. I also remember when Tyler Perry shut down the flea market in St.Louis I was like Aww Tyler I love you like a play cuzzin but really? In my head it is kind of like when you give a homeless people a dollar and people be like don't give that man a dollar you don't know what he is going to do with it .The thing I realized is that people have copied me and I used to get really mad I still let them know they should switch it up and be original .I feel like most people are not going to steal from you . They say that Michael Jackson's estate is worth way more than it was when he was alive .

I wont be using Amazon because I notice people in the help section asking where there checks are and having problems with payments . When I buy a book sometimes I am like why are yall playing with my stuff I dont care if its 99 cent 9.99 or whatever make sure the download works.I know why it was illegal to teach a slave to read seriously.Its funny how they are able to take payments just fine but when its time to payout they are having problems . Things that make you go hmmm ?

K so back to what I was saying there are artists who put their song on youtube and when I listen to it I am like I have to have it .Then I go buy it . If I had never heard it I would never have been able to buy it . So I feel like Prosperity thinking is I have enough I will always have enough and noone can take what God has for me YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!I also look at people like Joe Vitale he gives away a free ebook and you can purchase the paperback. I got a course and I knew some of the techniques but just   loved the bonuses about the Zero Point I was like YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I understand . It was based on a Huna technique that I studied . 

You can check out www.sellfy.com I am still looking at it and it seems pretty cool . Be in Bliss 333!!! There is enough for all of us !!!

I love you C U later


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