Monday, April 4, 2016

Flow !!!!

Peace and Love

I pray and intend that this week we give thanks for all that the Most High has done YAY !!! Last week after I got the information from the investor and I read through all of it and it was just the information that I needed to read . We come from different backgrounds and circumstances but we are more like than we are different . YAY We have the same values . The thing is we all can eat woo hoo !!!He talked about greed and dishonest people. Its crazy because I was praying and meditating and I said YAY she can help me and God said YAY and you can help her too !!! We all have different gifts !!!

I was watching the children and I was thinking isn't it awesome that they can whip and nae nae and still read at a highschool level!!!! It is great for them to have clean fun and Be Happy !!!They are super talented .For success means being a successful mom first. Its funny because people talk about being a late bloomer and I am like No I am right on time YAY !!!I was watching this Christian woman I think she was on the VIEW and she said she took 10 years off to be with her children.She said she lost jobs because of her faith but she is doing Great .God is Awesome and Good all the time YES n YAY !!!

Have a Blessed week !!


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