Friday, April 29, 2016

All NIght -Beyonce 333 Rule or Ruin

Peace and Love

I just got All Night !! . I just saw she was in Miami and thanked her beautiful husband . YAY I am happy for her if she is excited. I don't like to see anybody hurt or treated bad.

I feel like Dr Phil says maybe we can renegotiate this relationship !!!!I remember seeing her on Oprah and Oprah said do you feel her spirit ? I was like Yes .

I mean this kind of stuff w the mistresses has been going on forever . I just feel like disrespecting people in public is a lot . It is like Super Extra . My friend said All Men are Dogs and I told her All Dogs go to Heaven lolololololol. Seriously though I had a family member and a man really loved her but he was crazy and wanted to have 99 women so she awwww no thanks Byeeeeeeeee and he just killed her because he couldn't have her .Her energy was beautiful and super powerful !

I feel like we have to set some ground rules in the beginning .I was thinking about David in the bible and Abigail. She had a good for nothing husband named Nabal and she helped David and David ended up making her one of his wives . Another thing I started realizing is that some of these souls we have been with before in different incarnations and they show up to teach us and help us remember things .

Another thing I have been seeing is men picking women to basically take care of them and say that thats their business partner or manager . In my head I am thinking  if they need an investor they should just find one this is weird. I saw this lady on TV and she said she worked two jobs and her husband didn't do anything I was thinking like I guess but it doesn't make sense . We are all on a journey !!!!We are not our jobs anyway I just feel like a man should do something !!! A man  should make u feel protected , wanted , needed , cared for and loved .

Its crazy how I was saying I was seeing a trend in the reality shows where the men are like children now and the women fight over them . Then they keep pushing the gay agenda and you see multiple brown and black men being killed . I just pray people wake up and see what is what is going . YAH said I am the Lord and I changeth not . Marriage is between a man and a woman . Yah set he sets up kings and statues and laws . The fear of the Most High is the beginning of Wisdom

Love and Blessings 

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