Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bliss and Love

Peace and Infinite Blessings

I hope that you are having a good day !! I feel blissful and peaceful. I checked in with a few more people and the energy for them has also shifted this week . This time is really miraculous . I keep hearing a lot of doom stuff and yes we want to be aware but we don't want to focus on what we do not want .

. It is like everything is just coming to the surface to be experienced healed and transmuted YAY !!!It is so important to have a strong connection to source and use our discernment . There are people telling people they communicate with angels and I asked this person a basic question anybody would know the answer to and they gave me false information. I said Oh wow and tons of people are being confused.

The Holy Spirit will always tell you the truth the only time we go astray is when we do not listen .There are certain beings that are not capable of love because they do not have souls . If you think of it in terms of energy they are just on the lower spectrum. Some people call them narcissist or sociapaths . They are basically demons are satanic . As light beings and empaths they see us and say OH YAY I see her beautiful soul I want it I want it I want it . So it is really all for the good just an opportunity to step into our power and divine love . You have different levels of people . You have the righteous the unrighteous and then those that are willfully wicked. It is interesting that the Most High said he created everything even the wicked for a day of destruction.

Think about how in the bible the death angel came and killed 185,000 in one day . I was like wow so demons are just fallen angels but ultimately the will of the Most High Prevails Always YAY !!. On a soul level we move beyond race and religion and realize these are just suits we chose to put on and experiences that we have chosen to incarnate and have. Jesus had a contract. Mohammed had a contract, Siddharta Gautama the Buddha had a contract. We all have divine assignments .

There will be attempts to take you off your path but if you stay focused and pass your tests pure bliss , love and joy will follow    1 Corinithians 2 vs 9 However, as it is written: "What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived" -- the things God has prepared for those who love him--YAY Blessed Assurance. It does not mean you do not make mistakes . A righteous man falls down seven times and gets up 8.We create good karma by practicing harmlessness and love and kindness . One last thing I know you have probably heard this over and over right ? Pay attention to how you feel ! 333 As empaths we feel and sense and know in our hearts and souls YAY 777 The Good vibes keep coming . When you get to a certain level you can be an alchemist and transmute everything into light and love and bliss 11 11

Love and Infinite Blessings 


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