Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Manifestation of Blessings 333 777 11 11

Peace and Love

I want to share something so powerful with you . It is wonderful and amazing 333. Tears just came out of my eyes and I just felt so Blissful and Loving 777. I just manifested something from the Most High and Angels that is wonderful !!!!

It is like my beloved says I have Everything ! I have Everything ! I am so grateful 333 11 11 777.I am thy Child Success and Joy !! Though art my father Success and Joy !!

Miracles are Happening now !! I always have whatever I need whenever I need it . I have been led to work with people at a soul level. I can tell you about it and you can read about it  but when you experience it for yourself it is a YAY OH WOW experience !!! Pure Bliss and Joy !!!

I remember people telling me about Jesus and my grandmother believed in Faith healing and my aunt was a Baptist and my parent's are Jehovah's Witnesses . But it is like the parts of my dna wanted to go deeper on a soul level. I have been guided to work with people on a soul level. I met Jesus thru singing and prayer and asking for Divine Guidance . Pure Love Heals . The energy in our bodies is called mana , prana, chi , and it flows thru all of us .Energy can not be created or destroyed . I have seen miracles in my life and studied the miracles of many others .

We are not just going to transform ourselves we are going to transform the energy of Ferguson and the world . YAY all healing is self healing because we are all one When one is healed all are healed when one is harmed all are harmed

I Love You

Bliss and Blessings

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