Friday, July 3, 2015

Staying in Love

Peace and Blessings

I hope that you are having a great day !! Yesterday I was having some issues for like a minute . I have been feeling really good and attracting awesomeness . Some people were unhappy about that and went behind my back and tried to sabotage me . I was like wow you bitches must really be miserable. That is unfortunate and sounds like a personal problem to me . I really do want all of us to live in love and harmony and peace 333.

So basically they were trying to destroy my friendships and wondering who are my male friends . The enemy comes to kill still and destroy and yshua came so we may have life and life more abundantly. I was thinking like I got 99 problems but a man is not one . I have always attracted people of all races and backgrounds because I am just a genuine and cool person.

So anyway I decided not to let anybody kill my vibe . Pure love and light heals transmutes and transforms a lot of those lower energies .The sad part is some people dont understand witchcraft and the dark arts so they may actually fall for the trap. We will just send them light and love .These beings actually feed off energy and people's emotional bodies .

Keep Being Love and Light !! More Blessings , and Positive Manifestations and Goodness to come

Love and Blessings !

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