Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Self Love and The Divine Feminine

Peace and Love

I pray that you are having an awesome day !!! I feel really good today .I was out and I saw these two guys and I could tell they were from the streets . One of them said I was very pretty and the other one said I was Beautiful and to have a good day and I said Awww thankyou . So I was thinking about my last post a lot of people read it .I want to talk about the divine feminine , fear , guilt etc.

So for many years the divine feminine has been suppressed and oppressed. It is interesting because all the isms are fear based right ? Sexism , Racism and hatred are all based in fear.We have to have Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine to bring wholeness and divine love.

So one of my friends asked me was love a feeling or an action and I think it is both . When we stand in our light and power there will be people who believe that being loving means tolerating and accepting less than we deserve or not speaking our truth in love .

I am going to talk about entities next week in depth . There are entities that see your light and have no positive intention but just simply want to feed off of it . You can just say awwwwww no . That is not what I want . It is all about discernment . Love in reality is an action because if I love you I am going to act like I love you . Simple right ? We have angels that assist us on our path . It is all about energy and if something is not a match in vibration you can just see it as a difference in vibration. YAY !!!!!!!!

Love and Blessings


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