Sunday, July 12, 2015


Peace and Love

I pray that you are having a peaceful day filled with love . The other night I had a dream and I was like OH SNAP what is happening ? It was like really crazy !!!!! It alarmed me for a few minutes . Then I prayed and I felt an immense sense of Inner Peace and Calmness and Bliss 333.

I received some insights about the deeper spiritual truths . In one of the groups someone was asking
about a ouija board. There were people who had experience with it and told her that had experience with it and had some bad experiences with oppressive spirits .Then there was someone saying we don't want to have any fear. Then another girl made a comment . I think it is important to have a reverential fear for the Most High. I told her No also  She asked a question because she knew the answer but she wanted confirmation.

There are certain forces that are not for our highest and best good and we need to stay away from them. I have had paranormal experiences from a small child.When God says No sometimes we do not need all the details we just need to listen and obey. There are certain things that my late grandmother and husband said to me that I am just getting deeper revelation about .

Certain things are just basic like in nature you have to have balance yin and ying , king and queen masculine and feminine . So back to the dream I know that some of it is going to pass. The same thing happened with the Ferguson thing about a year ago . There is always a higher choice that is the most beneficial for you . I will share some deeper insights later .

I pray that you have a blessed week

Love and Blessings


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