Thursday, July 16, 2015


Peace and Love

I hope that you are having an awesome day !!Last nite I was just thinking about how awesome the Most High is . It is a blessing to have understanding . I was thinking about how Satan offered Jesus the kingdoms of the world. The only way he could do it is that they belonged to him

I was thinking wow . There is a seperation process going on between the sheeps and the goats . I was thinking about how people sell their soul . Remember the little girl Jonbenet Ramsey . I remember watching an interview with her mom and her mom referred to her as the girl . I was like WOW  Seriously Really Did she just say the girl in reference to her baby something is not right .She was completely detached .

So anyway the purpose is to break your spirit , take you off your path and distract you . Messiah seeds life is not easy . You get followed around , tracked, stalked and betrayed and you have the power to overcome it all . We came here for such a time is this ! So celebrate YAY !! We have the victory . I have such a beautiful song I am going to share   We are full of Wonder 333

Blessings and Light


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