Thursday, July 30, 2015

Give Thanks and Praises

Peace and Love

What an interesting week !!!!!! WOW !! I just got back from having lunch and I was just thinking of how marvelous and amazing and wonderful the Most High is . He keeps me in my prophetic Goshen and the enemy thinks he is smart but The Creator is the smartest and the greatest YAYAYAYAYAYAY !!!

Daymond John was on the Today show and I was like YES he is speaking my language. He helped the girl with her bee project . I was thinking maybe he could help Harmony with her creative gifts . She creates doll clothes and charms made out of polymer clay and all kind of cool stuff.

I have to go back over my crowdfunding course and study it again. I feel so happy. I had a lot of zen moments this week. Resources are being allocated from the north and south and east and west YAY.  Proverbs 16 vs 3 says Commit your work to the Lord and he will Prosper it YESSSSSSS!

In this dimension because we live in duality there will always be haters but if you just ignore them and watch they will destroy themselves eventually.God is loyal and faithful and Awesome !!!! I will post the Healing Stuff tommorow

Blessings and Light


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