Friday, July 17, 2015

Angels , Love , Bliss and Understanding 333

I hope that you are having an amazing day !! I love you. I pray that whatever I share today can be a blessing to you in some way . So last nite I prayed and petitioned the angels as usual. I felt so much bliss and love and joy .

It is all about working with energy and consciousness . You know some people would vote for slavery in 2015 if they had an opportunity . Why ? They have slave consciousness . It is all about understanding . The devil looks for people with weak minds that he can manipulate . He can really only make suggestions .All you have to do is say go away Satan and he or she has to go away . It's just like spies . You say why would someone allow themselves to be used ? They simply do not value themselves  or they simply want acceptance but Lucifer doesn't care about anybody he just uses people as tools to fulfill his purpose.That is why the bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high and low places.

A person who lashes out to hurt others in some way is hurting and needs love and encouragement and compassion. It does not mean that we tolerate toxic behavior it just means that we say awww its okay . I understand I love you and I wish you infinite love and blessings from the heart . Love is the highest vibration . Jesus conquered the world with love and conquered the grave and death with his blood HalleluYAH 333.Yay

Blessings and Light


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