Friday, July 24, 2015

Elder's Meditation 333

Peace and Love

This is a beautiful meditation from the elders that came yesterday 777 . You can read more and subscribe to them at

Elder's Meditation of the Day - July 23
"...the greatest strength is in gentleness."
-- Leon Shenandoah, ONONDAGA
Our Elders have taught us many lessons about becoming a Warrior and how to think and act like one. We have been told about the power of gentleness. We have been told about the power of the stillness. Physical power is about effort. Mental power is the opposite. It's about being effortless or less any effort. Gentleness is one of the greatest attributes of the Warrior and one of the greatest mental powers. It takes a lot of love to be gentle. Gentleness is not an ego word. Gentleness is the weapon of the Great Spirit.
My Creator, today I will be gentle with myself and with others. I will listen to the whisper of my heart and learn the power of being gentle.

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