Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Peace n Love

I hope that you are doing great . I am feeling very peaceful. So I was debating if I should share this or not . I decided I will. K so I was thinking that I had met my twin flame EmmanuEL . So it was weird remember how I said when I told my mom she said he is going to kill you . I was like Aww ok . Well it has been over 3 years I have not seen him and he will not go away . I remember people saying not to talk to him and that he wanted to hinder me but I thought that was crazy .

In one of the dreams I had there was a woman who told me that I said I would forgive him and I did. I even told him he could call me. He just keeps stalking me thru other people on facebook so I had to delete some ppl .He told me that he loves me thru another person . But then he is trying to sabotage me . It is so strange. So then I was thinking maybe he is not my twin .We have the same facial structure and body type. I remember my husband telling me that a doppleganger looks like you but it is not you . I guess that is what he is . At this stage in my development I feel like I am Empowered by everything and I am blessed. So anybody that listens to the wayward entitiy has to go . I am FREE YAY. I remember someone saying that if you see your doppleganger it is bad luck . I dont really believe in lucks but I do believe in omens and portents and signs . In my mind I am like why are people even entertaining him ? I know because of his frequency he cannot talk to me directly . I feel good and I want him to be okay . I have sent the violet flame and did all kind of work you would not imagine . There is still something there energetically so please send light , love and healing intentions

Blessings and Love



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