Thursday, September 4, 2014

Loyalty , Money and Celebration !

Peace and Love

I just got inspired and started thinking about the people who make a difference in your life and give you value and make you want to celebrate and say YAY ! There are so many best kept secrets and some not so secret ! I was thinking I should go to an event in Dallas at the end of the month and a family friend showed up and said Hey I have the hook up on the hotel and all I had to do was say YES that sounds awesome ! When any chaos was going on around me I would say to myself I am hanging out with Oprah and Jack Canfield YAY . It was all in my head right ?

When Oprah came to St Louis I said to myself there is a God in Zion All things are possible w him. I remember talking to my friend that day and her saying "Did you feel the energy " It was literally ELECTRIC .!! That is the power of positive events and experiences you can step into that energy over and over and over YAY!!!
It's like when you are yourself and you serve people in an amazing way the money will flow right here is an awesome quote by J.C. Penny Give People What they Want and they Will Make You Rich !

Have a Great Night



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