Monday, September 22, 2014

Love and Humility and Patience

Peace and Blessings !

I hope that you are having an awesome day !The other day I was reading an email from an awesome thoughtleader . His email was very inspiring. I reached out to him and his email was so warm and positive .He is a true rockstar!!!He has a beautiful humble spirit.

I am having fun and my energy feels so good right now. Something that I have noticed is that it is not just about a book or course . It is about having the right marketing strategy. It is so funny when people say just put it out there . I did that with my recent book because I just felt like this would be fun and exciting.I know that if I want true success I have to have the proper marketing .

There are some  books that I have read and people have pumped it up like it was the greatest thing since slice bread when really it was just ok and had a ton of marketing behind it . For example when I read Rich Dad Poor Dad I was like okay this is interesting. It was okay but it didn't really give any great strategies or actionable content. I have some books recently that are awesome !!!!! No fluff !I know that a lot of people use their book as just a lead generation tool to get people into their sales funnel. I think that is cool but you have to really overdeliver and get people wanting to dig deep into more based on the information you have already shared .I am being patient and I am enjoying the process. I also know that you can not do it alone you have to have partners and supporters and people who are like YAY ! ! !

I love you !!

Have an Awesome Week


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