Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Apostles and our Blessed Redeemer

Peace and Love

If you love him say YAY ! and Shout out Loud !! The other day I was thinking of when I saw my brother who is apostolic slipping I literally saw it in my dream and I grabbed him by his foot and tried to pull him up . I just kept praying for him. I just keep seeing him in the spirit . I said to myself WOW !! Satan does not have any new tricks. The bible tells us that we are to be watchmen and women for the souls of our brothers and sisters and if we we try to warn them he will bless us .When I got the download he was battling with the homosexual spirit I was like HUH ? Then I saw it and I said Help Ayuda  Lord -I mean like he was one of the elect High Priest.

Then there was another sister and I felt in my spirit she also operated in the Prophetic. She said to me you have a powerful light and I was thinking okay this is interesting . She said I can do a facebook page and I had no idea how Powerful social media was at the time even though I have met some awesome people . Then I looked and saw her master number was 33 and mine was too and I was Ok what is going on here ? Then I spoke to someone who told me that what I was experiencing was perfectly normal when you start ascending your mind automatically will start fighting it is like the old thoughts and energies are fighting to hold on. I felt that maybe she was a high priestess also. I do not really feel like I have to put emphasis on titles because I am just a servant of the Lord and The King is the one who makes me Royal . That is why I love him like I do YAY ! I want us all to be blessed and prosper even as our soul prospers ! YES !!! K Yall that is all for now

I Love You


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