Thursday, September 4, 2014

Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery or is it ?

Peace and Love

I made a post about something like 7 hrs ago and then within hours I see someone who copied exactly what I said word for word . Should I be flattered ? I do not know why this triggers me and gets on my nerves. Here is another pet peeve when I read a metaphysical book or something from Napoleon Hill or Dr Joseph Murphy or Nelson Mandela's qoute that they turned into Marianne Williamson. K i just let it go YAY I released it that fast woo hoo ! There is nothing new under the sun  . I get it now my irritation  is the energy and intention behind the action and the fact that some people will watch you never say anything add you as a friend on facebook so they can copy you and see who all your friends are .That is why we have a delete button Simple.  Keep Shining Keep Inspiring and Keep Sharing

I love you More Good News Coming Soon !!

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