Monday, September 15, 2014


Peace and Love

I pray that you are in peace and love . I intend this week day and moment we are meeting all circumstances with love and compassion . I asked the Creator to release anything or anyone that was not in alignment for my highest good at this time and it happened so quick all I could say was YES !and YAY ! of course .

I have been thinking about the indigo's and starseeds and how we are a little different .I was thinking of how my beloved had dyslexia and how creative he was and how he really loved to study like me . I met a lady once who told me that her child had some learning disability and then I realized that he just perceived things differently.I never had a learning disability but by the time I was in 9th grade I just kind of felt like whats next ? I just loved to create and sing and write . When I was a little girl and I had to speak about God I remember when I had stage fright and my mother told me to pretend everyone in the audience was a cabbage .I don't know why it worked but in my mind I was thinking why would anyone be afraid of a cabbage.When I was working this lady asked me if I was one of those people and I said what people and she said you know those people who are different  . I just laughed because I knew what she meant and I told her yes.

There are so many blessings coming in right now . I feel such a major shift and It is almost overwhelming . I had to stop and say WOW. It is like when I see or feel something that is not in alignment I can just let it go and release it . I simply say it is vibrating on a different frequency so if  I am tuned in to 777 and someone else is tuned in to 555 I can just say okay that is interesting . YAY ! !!!

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