Sunday, August 17, 2014

Unconditional Love and Bliss

Peace and Love

I pray that you are in good spirits  There is so much happening on the this planet. The Shift has hit the fan YAY ! To be honest this week I was starting to feel overwhelmed and people were asking me questions and I almost let myself slip into a low vibe but then I caught myself and I said to myself No way Jos'e I can't go for that. I went out for a while and I met a man who was a caucasian and he said to me Have a Blessed Day and I said You 2 . I felt his spirit and I said to myself we are brothers and sisters. Growing up I had family from the brightest to the darkest and I loved everyone the same and felt that we all are human beings. I look at my blog and I do not have 5 million readers I have readers from Russia and France and Pakistan and the United States . There was another woman who said we need to pray and she was a white woman from Ferguson and there have always been people who may have been from a different race and stood up for justice and were persecuted for it .

I went into contemplation and tried to get some insight on the most effective way to solve the problem and I remembered this  Matthew 25 vs 35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,This is the messiah talking about the sheeps and the goats  It is basically saying Yahshuah is the sheperd and he will determine who are his and who are not and that we all have to give an account for what we do or do not do call it karma , sowing reaping, cause or effect whatever you like. I feel like racism is a form of fear because it is not love and the awesome thing is that we get to choose what we want to put out into the world. I do think that officers have to be held accountable and if someone is accused of commiting a crime they can use a rubber bullet to shoot someone in the leg or foot or something that is not life threatening. When I prayed I felt such a deep inner peace and bliss it was just wonderful. It is so important to just keep ourselves in a state of love and joy that is where the highest vibration is  I am meeting amazing people from all over  . Love is still the highest call and Love will Prevail 

I love You 


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