Sunday, August 3, 2014

Victim Consciousness and White People

The other day I got an email about white people and I was like WOW Really. It really made me stop and think and reflect. When I was in my 20s there where a white man who offered to help me and told me he wanted me to retire young and retire rich. He told me about a black man who could help me but the black man did not want to even talk to me until he knew that I knew the white man and I said HMMM that is interesting The white man told me that if he was my age he would have done things totally different . I realize that it was the Law of Attraction and that the Creator sent him to encourage me and let me know that I was on the right path.

Around 2004 before people were really making a lot of money online I started a group and reached out to this woman not because she was white but because she was awesome and doing what I wanted to do in a big way and she offered to help me record a product as a teleseminar and she never saw me she didnt ask me what color I was .

On a quantum level it has been proven that the observer affects the observed . If I observe you as amazing awesome and beautiful that actually makes a difference. When I was a child and I had all kinds of friends we just played with each other and enjoyed spending time together.Think about this when Cain killed Abel and Judas betrayed the messiah  and Palestinian and Israeli's kill each other it is more man's inhumanity to man than skin color . I know racism exists and it does not feel good. I also know that there are good and bad people of every background.

If I had been vibrating like Pitiful Patty I would not have attracted people who wanted to help me because my vibe would have been too low. Here is something that you can tell yourself I love everyone and everyone loves me even if you dont believe it your subconscious mind does not know the difference between something real or imagined . We create from our beliefs and beliefs are simply thoughts that we have been thinking over and over and we can change them . Say to yourself  I AM a loving being of light and infinite power  and I am always divinely guided, protected and loved . The Power of the Most High is within me and the heavenly host surrounds me  .Anger , fear, resentment is a lower vibration so it is in your best interest to forgive and let go and allow Love and Inner Peace to fill your soul .

I love you I have a great blog post coming soon

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