Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Manifesting Light

Peace and Love

Today I want to share with you  more about manifestations There is so much light on the planet right now YAY! It is amazing when people show how they had an idea and literally created money and abundance out of thin air .

Our feelings and intentions are so Powerful/ One of the things that I have learned is that when I am playful and in a detached state my manifestations seem to manifest quicker. The most important thing is that we follow the law of harmlessness it so important not to allow anyone to treat us in any kind of way.It is also important to strengthen our Aura and ask the Creator to remove anything within us or around us that is not for our highest and best good.

Its so funny the other day this guy sent me an email and said that he wanted me to review some things for him and in exchange he would give me access to some valuable videos. So after I did the review he tried to play me right ? I didnt get mad I simply said to myself fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me . So then he comes back and asks me to review another product for him and I told him you must think that I am Sally Salala Sausage head I don't think so lol

I feel like if we could get everyone to love themselves they would not and could not harm another . I understand that everything that is not love is fear and fear makes people do crazy things.Brian Tracy said 85% of your people will be in dealing with other people. Isn't that interesting ?What is so awesome is that if you master self you master everything  . You will still have challenges and I think that is a part of our growth . It is being able to move through the challenges without being defeated that makes us mighty warriors YAY WOO HOO !

I love you

C U Later


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