Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Authenticity and The Hard Luck Story

Peace and Love

K  Im over here cracking up and I just have to share YAY ! K so you know people have the hard luck story right I think Ali Brown was the first person to tell the story about how she had less than 20.00 in her account and that she knew she had to turn it around .She sounded believable. Then after that I started hearing the story about how people had less than 12.00 or they couldn't afford to buy a pizza and when they told it didnt feel real at all. Im like Cmon Now .I have similar stories about abundance in my book but I know that even if I was down to 1.00 the Most High is my source and I will be provided for like Elijah was fed by the ravens .

Here are two more I am a millionaire now but my mom or dad is working two jobs or can barely survive on social security . Do you know how crazy you sound? Whats next? I was eating out the trash can and then I had an aha moment LOL. Please believe I am not making fun of any ones hardship but some of this stuff is just not true and not believable

Its like I just pay attention and observe people as well  as myself. I heard this girl on an Empower Network webinar say that this guy asked her a question and because she responded he joined and got all in with her . I found the same thing I just email people and talk to them for 60 seconds and I can feel them. If you are in business you are in the people business .People want to know that you are a real person . At the same time you can never please everyone so just be your real self .Think about what you want for yourself and give out that energy to other people .

K that is all I love you

Blessings and Light


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