Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Do you C what I C

Peace and Love

So many things are happening right now . There is purification and so many shifts taking place right now. My heart goes out to Michael Brown and his family. Its insane. People are upset and it is understandable. Violence is not the answer.

Last nite there was a white man who was bullied for speaking up against racism and being told to stop black people at the mall for no reason. The sad part is that when one is harmed all are harmed . Then you got people who hate themselves and are making fun of people's misfortunes . If you do not understand people's pain try to have compassion for them .

When people are oppressed and they feel like they have nothing to lose and you push them to the brink of no return then it just gets bad for everybody. There is no lack . There is greed and selfishness and evil. I heard a news anchor say that Missouri lost more jobs, people and resources than Katrina and I said WOW. People say this happens to blacks and latino's all the time and I say to myself what is a Latino ? If you are an american Indian and you are from the huichol tribe and they call you a Mexican and make you speak spanish you are not a latino you are still an indian .Young brown man shot by their neighbor taking out the trash . I remember one day my nerves were shot and I remember Lashanda Henry saying something Choose Action Over Anger and I said The Almighty is speaking thru her today because action is what get results . All I know is if  I had to call United Arab Emirates or Dubai to make sure that my child eats she will eat . It does not even make sense because it is in everybody's best interest to make sure the system works for everybody. Then people are going to school because they cant get jobs and that creates more debt on the fiat currency that is not even real.There are answers and there are resources and people . People need to access to tools and information but there consciousness has to be raised so that they can receive it. If you have been programmed to work work work hard which makes no sense then you are still going to think that is the way. I will share an interesting story in the future about human nature. One thing my grandma Edith Isabella said to me was anything that is not right can not last forever . It may last for a while but eventually the tables will turn .

I saw this coming years ago and I said to myself WOW this whole thing is going to hell in a handbasket.Prophecies are being fulfilled . The joy of the Lord is my strength.

Love and Peace


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