Friday, August 1, 2014

Confidence and Courage and Is it 2 Good 2 B True

Peace and Love

Today I am going to share about confidence and courage and why it is so important. The other day someone told me that I really inspired them and I felt great because divine inspiration in part of my life purpose YAY ! It reminded me that what we do is really valuable and transformational. It also reminded me of a game that I created and when I was at work one day we played it and everybody loved it and had a lot of fun.

It also reminded me that you dont have to tell people who you are sometimes they remind you of who you are . People say you are a leader and you inspire me and I think that is awesome but I also have to be clear that I am a facilitator allowing the divine to flow through me . I see some people continue to say I was the first this I was the first this I was the first that . It made me realize that they have an overwhelming need for significance . In my mind there is no first or last . The bible says the last shall be first . Even with Rosa Parks she was not the first person who was tired and didnt feel like giving up her seat there was a woman who sued the bus company and won years before her but you will probably not ever hear about her.

Each day I feel stronger and stronger . I realized that in addition to having information I needed accountability and community and not fake community real community where people champion each other and want each other 2 succeed. What is so awesome is that no two people in the world can be the same and nobody can do everything but everybody can do something .

Another thing I realized is that just because something cost more does not mean that it is better . There are products that you can buy and say wow that is amazing and awesome I am going to start sharing those products and making a commission. I have also gotten to a point where I do not care what people have to say not in arrogant way but it is like the guy who says ok yes and I know you from ? Everybody has an opinion and the mere fact that you are talking about me means that you think Im Awesome so that is great !

Another thing that helped to boost my courage is that I have studied and studied and learned many different modalities and concepts and have found the ones that I think are the most powerful. It is okay to get an attunement but it is really all a holistic process and way of being that creates permanent change .

I love you Talk 2 u next week



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