Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Power of Relationship

Peace and Love

I hope that you are having an awesome day . I want to share something today that I think will be helpful. It is about the power of relationship. One of my favorite chapter's in the Purpose Driven Life is the chapter on relationships and how they are worth saving . God created us to be in relationship with one another .

When I was looking for a real estate mentor I met an awesome person one facebook and we did a call and he talked to me about my goals and what strategy would be best for me and would follow up with me weekly to hold me accountable for a really reasonable price . It made me feel great and it really reminded me that we are here to serve and empower each other and that is part of  my divine mission.

I also found a person who I buy thier products and he sent out something about selling on amazon and he said you can get started with 1,000 bucks and I was like WOW I dont want to just sell anything I want to sell something that improves people's lives . YAY then I met another woman in a group coaching program that also offers email coaching.

I am part of so many awesome groups . K so basically I dont want to do real estate here I dont care if I make a million dollars I would rather go outside my local area. I also realized that I may have a little bit add . I am not claiming it but my teacher told me I made the hard stuff easy and that I would be great at Team Building.It is really hard for me to think small. I love to create I love to think of big awesome things but I also need help in breaking down the small steps and the details. I want to have products and services that I recommend to people of every budget . Yay I attract awesomeness !          People are more important than money if you can get along with people you can create abundance. Then I found another person who offeres free coaching and I was like that can not be possible but I then I realized she figured it out that if she serves people and gives them value they are going to support her I haven't joined her program yet because I have so much info on my hard drive that Im like WOW . I also want to encourage you wherever you are to feed your mind I love books and I feel like they are worth the investment but if you do not want to buy them go to the library and share what you learn with others . It will change your life

Thankyou  I love you !!


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