Sunday, August 16, 2015


Peace and Love Beautiful Family

I am not sure if what I am saying is going to make sense but please just stay with me and feel free to share your thoughts . K so this awakening process has been like magical and magnificent and really amazing !!!

K so my purpose is remembering , learning and teaching and compassion and love right ? The downloads have almost been like overwhelming . I saw Egypt and Yoga and Beings that also work with light and sound . Then I got confirmation on facebook a couple of days later. At the deepest core only love is real. I was thinking why is this BEing doing this being a feeler I said WOW the being is one with me it is like we are two signs of the same coin I think that is why he would work my nerves so bad to help teach me emotional mastery. It is funny because as an Empath it can be like Wow sometime. One time Harmony told me she was just going to hang out with animals and not do people because they were a lot . I totally understood what she meant but I felt like where can we go . We can not go live on a reservation or in a tent so we just have to work it out here where we are.

So anyway the Queen that I met was way further along in her journey of ascenscion than I was so when she was saying I could do a facebook page and I had a powerful light I was like YAY but there was so much stuff in my energy field that I needed to clear that were keeping me from completely moving forward . I feel like I just peeled an onion YAY !! So it is like you can say a BEing is Negative but everyone has been negative because all have come to forget and then remember and master our abilities . YAY so it is like Namaste I see you I am you WOO HOO but then sometimes there is that one where you really are one soul split in two bodies like Mirrors .

I manifested an another cool course but I feel like I need about 6 more months just to ground everything .I feel like everything already exists it is just about allowing it and releasing what ever is holding you back from it . It is so cool that we can effect the quantum field .

Blessings and Light


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