Monday, August 3, 2015

Bliss and Love

Peace and Love

How are you ? I am experiencing loving states 333. I was thinking WOW ! Everyday is a new adventure . It is so important for us all to hold the light right now and loving intentions .There is so much happening so fast . Purifying and cleansing is taking place. There is a crowdfunding platform that I was going to sign up for that has a cooperative economics concept. One of my friends was ready to join and fund and start building a team but the holy spirit said Wait . There is another platform that will be launching in a few weeks so we will see how that one works out and get a feel for it .

I had such a deep release take place it was like releasing 500 lifetimes and then bliss came in to my heart . It was AMAZING 333. It is so important for us to be in integrity . Money is just an energy .Everything is . So my prayer is that we have a blessed week filled with love and extend kindness to everyone that we encounter . Love and Light are the most powerful Vibrations .

Eternal Love , Light and Bliss


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