Monday, August 17, 2015


Peace and Love

I hope that you are doing awesome !! I woke up today feeling revived and refreshed. So I was thinking about my post yesterday . It is so funny . I do attract awesomeness . Harmony does also. She has a few friends .

It is just as an empath you can see auras and energy . You can look at somebody or just feel when they are lying and not telling you the truth. The wild part about it is that they will actually think that they are deceiving you and in your mind you are just like Oh Wow okay .We also study human nature and know that even though there is police brutality etc statistics show if you are harmed or murdered it is usually by someone you know a so called friend . I was watching i think it was Investigative Discovery where this woman befriended this other woman with malicious intentions from the beginning . Jesus and Judas , Cain and Abel , The Most High and Satan it is the same story over and over through out history.

So the problem is really a heart problem . People will sell their mom and brother and sister for seventy five cents and justify it their minds.It is just a lot of lost souls that do not have a strong identity Remember when Haman tried to kill the Jews and he was hung by the noose he planned to use . There is also a story in Paramahansa Yogananda where a demon an asara tried to curse a deva angel and it back fired because he misprounounced a word and the demon slayed himself .So the moral of the story is Be Mindful of your thoughts , words, and intentions. Know that what you make happen for other people God will make happen for you Good or Bad YAY !!! So it is all about awareness . The Most High is Sovreign and Amazing YAY 333

Love and Blessings


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