Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Love and Inspiration

Peace and Bliss

I hope that you are having a good day !! I woke up kind of late today the energy was so powerful I just felt the need to rest and relax. I attracted more soul family in Hawaii YAY !!!So good things are happening . So far I attracted the teleseminar group , a printer for the book and information to host an online course .

I was talking to The Most High and he was sharing with me how our steps are ordered !!! This year has been a deep year of cleansing and clearing for me . Now I realize that everything in my life has been leading up to this point. When I first had a vision of writing books and had a dream of Jack Canfield I was thinking to myself aww thats awesome !!! Then God would drop little seeds in my spirit from complete strangers . They would say things to me like You are supposed to be singing for the Lord or this one woman that I told you about before and I only saw her one time . Then a few months later her family called me and when we got to the hospital and prayed for her and then she transitioned and I felt it when her spirit left the earth plane. I would feel weird because I would just know and feel things now I embrace all of my intuitive and healing gifts and realize it is Awesome 333

I have been working with my shadow and wondering why do I seem to attract people when  they are transitioning . I accept all my unicorn and fairy parts YAY !! Woo Hoo remember when I met my twin and people would tell me stuff like they saw him talking to somebody I would just say Awww that is nice . I am not his owner so I don't tell him what to do . I know that he will always love me forever . This woman showed up and gave me a message about 3 years and I was like OH WOW synchronicities . Good things are happening !!  Keep moving forward

Love and Blessings


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