Thursday, August 20, 2015


Peace and Love

How are you ? I love you !! I woke up in the middle of the night again and my creative juices were at like OH WOW. I looked at something where people needed positive verified amazon reviews. I said to myself HMMMM This is something that I am doing already and my reviews have been marked helpful by people. YAY !! I know it is like before enlightenment chop wood and then after enlightenment chop wood right ?

So I ask myself how can I make my living comletely online ? All kind of stuff came up it was insane . I was like Oh Lord Let me get a pen . Then I realized I had been getting awards for my writing since I was 8 so what was holding me back . I found the limiting belief . I remember when I did my last kindle book Harmony the LighWarrior Princess on Amazon. It is only 7 chapters and 35 pages but it made me so excited and blissful . Another thing I realized is that I attracted another writer and artist like myself and positive review groups etc. So my soul brother from the Phillipines was like I could start a writing business a while back so I am going to take a copywriting class YAY 333

Plus I can have a really smart chica work with me and we can create magic YAY !!!! I am actually excited about working part time in a few months. For now I am going to ride the wave of bliss and ascenscion. Prayers for the Tuskegee airman who got robbed at age 93. Sending Love and Light and Bliss .So think about this if something is not a vibrational match to you it can not come to u ? What do you think ? Its all about tapping in .

Blessings , Light and Joy


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