Monday, August 24, 2015

Overcoming Obstacles

Peace and Love

I hope that you had a good day !! I woke up this morning in prayer and thanksgiving and full of love and the promises of the Most High in my heart . So today I want to talk about overcoming obstacles and The Law of Attraction and the promises of God .

I was thinking about Steve Harvey and how he said once he made it he tried to invite his friend somewhere and the person acted a fool . He spoke about now telling your big dreams to small minded people . It is so true . When you are secure and happy and peaceful you get excited when you see people succeeding because it is a testimony of what is possible . YAY !!!!!People who are insecure will create conflict, chaos and drama.

As you uplevel and elevate your mind you will simply rise above it and not give it any energy 333.Another thing you can do is reframe the situation and say Wow what is going on here is this a blessing an opportunity in disguise ? Jesus came and had to fulfill 330 prophecies he knew he had to be persecuted and go through different experiences and he fulfilled every prophecy . As we move thru the ascenscion process situations will come up and if you respond properly it will elevate you to another level .YAY So as messianic believers we know that we will face persecution and in everything we give thanks for that is the will of the Most High concerning us .Another thing you can do is ask your self will this matter in 3 days 7 days 1 mth 6 mths if the answer is no you can just release and let it go 333 11 11

The enemy tries to set you up and hope that you respond so that they can respond and they can say you are wild and crazy lol. Stay focused on your vision and the good vibes of love , joy , peace and bliss

Love and Blessings


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